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This personal emergency alarm with LED light is intended to serve as a DETERRENT in perceived threatening circumstances. Women are experiencing being followed, aggressively harassed, youths approached by cars, and more. This offers an empowered option, just knowing it is handy and cannot be turned against you like spray or a weapon. Limited to one for oneself plus one for a friend.  Exceptions made on an individual basis depending on circumstances.  Please contact us if this is requested. 
*We now also have sirens in Blue and Gold.*

*Please Note:  If offering the minimum donation for a siren would present a hardship, be sure and email us at the address below.  We are happy to gift you a  siren.*


These Sirens SOUND up to 50 minutes in length at 130 to 140db, which is ear piercingly loud. PORTABLE with an LED light, are easily stored, attached and carried. HIGH POWERED: With 3 PCS of AG13/LR44 replaceable batteries for extended life.

*Please Note:  We have a specific number of sirens in each color.  We cannot guarantee your first preference of color, however if we have it in at the time of your order we will reserve it for you.  By ordering a siren you agree to whichever color is available.  Also importantly K.A.W.S. has established a once weekly pick up day and time. We are not able to customize this according to each individual’s schedule. Please be prepared to pick up your item according to the established schedule; a friend may also pick it up for you at that day and time.*

Please email us for your color preferences in order and pickup details at: 

We do not use Paypal on this website.  We use STRIPE.  If you don’t have a credit or debit card, please contact K.A.W.S. for other payment arrangements.

K.A.W.S. is pleased to bring risk prevention and empowerment to the Women and Girls inclusively of Ashland. Please consider an additional contribution to K.A.W.S. beyond the siren price, as they are being offered close to cost. We are your community task force operating solely on donations. 501c3 tax deductible receipts are provided. Thank you very much.

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