Please note that K.A.W.S. is not a first responder resource.  In other words, if you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted in Jackson County, these are the numbers and sites to see. These are all FREE anonymous, actionable organizations with individuals who will help to support and inform you of options, be with you and walk you through your options. Also note that if reporting the assault to Ashland Police Department, you may call a trained Advocate to be with you during the entire process. This is important. Ashland PD should offer this to you. They should also give you an extensive brochure with information and resources.

Starting Place:

Community Works HelpLine: (541) 779-4357.
24/7 access to a local sexual assault advocate for confidential support and advice by phone.
This number will connect you to a trained advocate who can listen to you.
Free support and resources will be offered if desired. You can be anonymous.

RAINN Online Hotline: or call 800.656.4673

Confidential and secure national online chat with a live, trained person (24/7).

Jackson County Sexual Assault Response Team, SART:

  • All SART services are free and available around the clock
  • Survivors are cared for quickly in private hospital rooms
  • Free medical screening, forensic evidence collection and immediate emotional support are available to all survivors who wish them
  • Police question survivors effectively and with understanding
  • Anonymous evidence collection is available to allow survivors time to decide whether or not to press charges
  • District attorney staff join the team if the case goes forward to trial
  • A follow-up advocate helps coordinate survivors’ follow-up care, case progress and healing.
  • Long-term healing groups are now available to help people manage their trauma and reclaim their lives.

Ashland Police Department has a special You Have Options program for reporting, including anonymously by computer.
Click here for more information on the special You Have Options Program: