THIS EVENT IS NOW CANCELLED. New Covid restrictions will make it impossible to provide the quality of training and experience required.  All tickets purchased will be refunded.  Thank you for your interest.
* Stay tuned for news about this training offered in an outside venue this Fall 2020. *  
Self Defense and Empowerment Training Coming!
July 24, 6:30pm-9:00pm &
July 25, 9am-5:00pm.

Ashland Hills Hotel Ballroom and Live Stream!

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Ashland is a beautiful city with bright, progressive active Women and Men who are involved in the wonderful lifestyle Ashland offers.  Many of us are innovators, entrepreneurs and change makers.  This is why when Keeping Ashland Women Safe’s Founder, Alaya Ketani decided to initiate a task force to address the violence against Women and increasing feelings of lack of safety that she knew collaboration and significant action would begin. Our Founder knows that all things are possible and set about the formation of K.A.W.S., and significant change has begun!    K.A.W.S. is creating significant impact as the community of Ashland takes a stand against Violence and for Women’s safety, equality and empowerment.

K.A.W.S. is a task force comprised of concerned citizens who have come together to increase the awareness  the realty of this violence and harassment in many forms, to influence legislature and the systems of plea bargaining, sentencing and terms, safety in the physical layout of areas in Ashland, freedom from harassment, stalking, sexual assault, rape and all violence, feelings of danger and all hindrances to equality and empowerment.

The mission of K.A.W.S. is to provide a platform for ongoing community awareness and action to create a template for culture change so that Ashland holds a no tolerance climate. This means the message “Not In My City” is loud and clear regarding violence against Women. This is viewed as a multi-pronged significant presence that requires both Women and Men to become involved in societal/cultural programming, accountability and consequences, legislation and budgeting, lack of reporting, misalignment with consent, and individual/community responsibility.  K.A.W.S. truly stands for Keeping All Women Safe, Strong, and SuperPowered.

 K.A.W.S. approaches these aspects by increasing community awareness and education, safety prevention, trainings including empowerment and societal sensitivity and deconditioning,  and active culture change.  The task force works in close collaboration with Ashland Police Department, Jackson County Sexual Assault Response Team, Community Works Advocacy,  and more.  Validation for the need of our presence continues to expand exponentially.  More key leaders and those in public office are becoming attuned to the need for action in areas that K.A.W.S. has begun to fulfill.  We have accomplished several big projects already in our first year.  See more detail about this in our About Us and Taking Action sections on this website.

This task force is founded and chaired by Alaya Ketani CHT CFT CPC, Executive Director.  Alaya works with great passion to enlist cooperation and create significant change to ensure the civil rights of all who identify as Women inclusively, to decrease discrimination, and to empower Women and girls internationally through this task force and in her private practice.  Empowering Girls and Women is her primary passion and she invites full participation from the community in igniting this task force to accomplish it’s work.  She is a true optimist and believes all things are possible.  This has been evidenced in her life having arisen through catastrophic circumstances when others felt it was impossible.  She is authentically grateful for the opportunity to serve.   Read more about Alaya in the From Our Founder page on this website. 

We are an Incorporated Registered 501c3 Nonprofit Organization, Ashland’s community task force and can only continue with participation and collaboration from the community as well as tax deductible donations.   Please “Like” and follow our events, announcements and needs by checking back on this website and by clicking this link on our facebook page: is available to visit your organization to speak about the mission and action of K.A.W.S

Self Defense and
Empowerment Training Coming!
July 24, 6:30pm-9:00pm &
July 25, 9am-5:00pm.

Ashland Hills Hotel Ballroom, and Live Stream!

This event is open to Women/Girls and Trans Women/Girls

Volunteers Needed for Sign In, Setup, Take Down.  Free Entry.
(Click here to send an email to volunteer.)

 **As you participate in this training you will: **
  • Gain the skills and empowerment for protecting yourself in threatening circumstances
  • Find your voice, grounding, and empowerment
  • Increase situational awareness and gain safety assessment skills
  • Explore how to identify trustworthiness of an individual
  • Practice physical defense for freedom

Our Trainer:  Karin Pedersen,  Martial Artist, Energy Coach, Women’s Empowerment Trainer.

  • Energetic coach to world champion professional tennis player Martina Navratilova
  • Two-time Graduate of Model Mugging, a program dedicated to teaching women physical, emotional and mental skills to gain freedom from attack
  • Lifetime Practitioner of Aikido and Karate
  • Mentored with Aikido Master Tom Crum for 15 years
  • Mentored with Carlos Castaneda and the women of the Toltec for 2 years
  • Mentored with Sente’ Center for 20 years

Tickets available NOW.  Please Note: Each Live Stream Participant Agrees to Register Individually.  Please Do Not Share the Link and Password.

Following All CDC and Governor’s Guidelines. In-Person Registrations in large Ballroom. Hand sanitizers will be provided. Masks are required for partner practices of the skills being taught, and all close contact within 6 Feet. The trainer will keep minimum 10′ distance without a mask for clear communication transmission, and with a mask for closer contact. Waiver will be sent with ticket purchase, and brought signed for all in-person participants.
Live Stream Option is Unlimited. A Practice Partner will be helpful in participating by Live Stream. Questions from live stream participants will be responded to periodically. Each participant is required to purchase a registration with password; no shared links please.
Four Partial or Full Scholarships will be given based on financial hardship. Please email with information regarding your circumstances to ask for a scholarship.
Bringing Lunch and Snacks encouraged and eaten outside, or can be purchased at the Luna Café . Bringing lunch encouraged for timeliness. Water in single bottles provided, donated by Shop’nKart.
There will be OPTIONAL one, perhaps two, group session(s) at the breaks facilitated by Alaya Ketani CHT CFT CPC Acclaimed Hypnotherapist, Neuroscience and Sensorimotor Crises Intervention Practitioner. This option will help to imprint the practices taught. Please bring a yoga mat or thick towel to lay on the floor if you might attend this optional group session.  
Parents please use discretion. Mature content and language. Girls under 18 must be accompanied by female adult. 

Four Partial or Full Scholarships will be given 
(Email for application)

Thank you to our generous sponsors!


News and Accomplishments

Here is one example of many powerful ways that Keeping Ashland Women Safe Task Force is working in and in collaboration with our community to help Women be more safe, and it’s far reaching effects.

We express our appreciation to Jim Teece, Owner of Ashland Home Net, for his response to the task force’s request for photo identification of all in-home service technicians. It’s important that all in-home service people have appropriate identification that Women (and all) may verify with the home office whenever service people are coming into their house. 

His fantastic expanded system includes two pieces of photo identification and an email prior to the service call.  He likes it so well that he plans to use this as a template for other businesses and areas. This fulfills the mission of K.A.W.S. so well in that it translates to a wider circle. Keeping Ashland Women Safe also stands for Keeping All Women Safe.

We are also grateful for the collaboration with others who have become Sponsors for our first big fundraising holiday anniversary party December 13th at Standing Stone Brewing Company. 

Our utmost appreciation Jim Teece and Ashland Home Net for joining K.A.W.S. in taking a stand
for  Women’s safety.  ,